Smart Sensing Snake Toy


Smart Sensing Snake Toy

Your Cat Needs An Ample Amount Of Exercise Every Day. Otherwise, She’ll Become Obese.

Or perhaps she is already signaling her lack of playtime – maybe she is scratching the furniture or your ankles; maybe she is seen sulking at a corner often. If that’s the case, you need to get her this smart-sensing snake.

  • The 3D segmented snake is a semi-autonomous robot that crawls around until encountered by an obstruction.

  • It then stops for a while before changing its course.

  • Why all this? So that your precious feline can play with it, and improve her physical health and her mood.

  • Get ready to see her jumping, pouncing, and hiding from the remote snake.
  • It’s interactive, it’s realistic, it’s rechargeable – all fine traits of a cat toy!

What You’ll Get

Provide your cat with the required exercise:

  • The obstruction to avoid snake toy turns, sways, and moves like a real snake to provide interactive playtime for your cat.
  • It turns on when its head is pressed and starts crawling.
  • When encountered by an obstruction e.g. a wall or a furniture item, it changes direction.

Provides long runtime:

  • The snake toy enters sleep mode after 1 minute of work and will be activated again when its head is pressed.
  • This ensures that the battery doesn’t deplete quickly.
  • The charging time is 40 minutes. A flashing red light will indicate the toy is charging.

The plastic is brittle, don’t stand on it.


  • Material: Plastic + Electronic components
  • Product size: 39*4cm/15.35*1.57in
  • Charging mode: USB charging

Package Includes

1 x Smart Sensing Snake Toy

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